Innovate, or get left behind.

Corporates tend to find innovation difficult because it’s the opposite of everything they’re set up to do – this includes  process, governance,  structure and plans. So asking people to generate something from nothing  can be difficult.

In the average corporate, there’s usually no shortage of smart people. But sometimes they’re missing the skills and the capabilities that you need to effectively execute on an innovation strategy. And there’ll often be operational hurdles in the way, that stops those projects going forward at the speed that they need to.

Corporate innovation is important because what has made an organisation great often becomes its Achilles heel.

Because of the overly corporate set-up, companies find it hard to innovate, create new ideas or engage with a new generation of customers. Large companies by their very nature are resistant to change and employees are often apprehensive.   Most companies keep employing the same thinking over, and over again and expecting a different outcome.

business mix helps companies embrace new attitudes and adopt new behaviours, creating new market opportunities and cultural conditions.

The business mix network is experienced in divergent and creative thinking, which enables us to disrupt established patterns of thought and create fresh ideas around where the answers may lie.

What we Offer.


Hardening open innovation objectives and timelines into a robust framework and future proof strategy


Guiding through the innovation communities, culture and operational complexities


Discovering exciting collaborations from our start-up communities


Providing industry expertise across all areas of operations supporting execution and delivery


Understanding innovation hub markets and cultures across the globe


Supporting individual needs with a tailored and personal approach


Promoting corporates and start-ups alike whilst creating a compelling story for the innovation journey


Developing a safe operating model for innovation to thrive

How we can Help.

For our large corporate clients, we can help them operationalise
their innovation strategy, and turn this strategy into a plan.

As a heartbeat throughout the whole innovation framework, we create a simple, but repeatable, process that everyone understands both in the organisation, and any partners, that we’re collaborating with.

Understanding how a company communicates – helping them to tell their story better – is key to every brief. And that can mean anything from creating a narrative, at the beginning of a venture, through to executing on an operational plan.

Our Associates have a range of experiences in large corporate life and working with start-ups across everything from risk, technology, innovation, H.R. and communications.

What business mix offers is different.

We combine expertise in understanding how innovation works, at a practical level, with years of experience, allowing our Associates to help organisations articulate and understand their business problems as well as their longer term aspirations. We’re able to join this together in a bespoke, tailored, innovation agenda.

Through the success in the UK and Israel business mix decided to head east and Singapore felt the right location. We opened our office covering APAC in Singapore in June 2018.

Singapore is a diverse and vibrant city which easy access to the rest of Asia. It has strong government backing in innovation and Singapore continues to rank in the top 10 innovative countries.
It does however have a traditionally risk adverse culture and therefore business mix believes, with our help, organisations can feel more comfortable in taking risks to be more innovative but safe in their execution.

Always here. Always Innovating.

Innovation is key for organisations looking to understand how it serves its next generation of customers.

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